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Pepa Plana run the “more difficult.” The Catalan clown (Valls, Tarragona, 1965) has accepted the invitation to participate in Cirque du Soleil’s new show that will premiere in the spring of 2012 in Montreal and with what, a year and a half tour Canada, States and Asia. TV comes to writing the country a Barcelona newspaper print skirt and a necklace from which hangs a Chupa-Chups red. After putting the photographer, takes his prized red nose, just that after four or five cars given away some of his special friends, and keeps a jeweler. Already without nosegets a little more serious to answer questions from readers of the País.

A clown is a clown difference in “ease women have to connect with the most fragile of our emotions. We were allowed to cry anymore. ” In fact, one of the reasons we decided to undertake the project with Cirque du Soleil is that the show “will focus on the feminine universe,” adds the artist.

“The clown fails, pathetic, and thus appears to the public in all its fragility and sometimes nasty, but basically what it does is put a mirror in front of the public. We recognize ourselves in the mirror. ” She is a clown “indignant” and is recognized in the 15-M movement. Think about the demonstration yesterday: “It was amazing the strength we have when people come together. Something will change. Must change, “he says.

Regarding the crisis “deeply saddened … the fools we have been. For a while we all were so rich and beautiful … but we were fooled. The clowns really know what was in crisis.”

There is a crisis but now the clown is successful. It has never been presented to any of the Cirque du Soleil auditions but they called continued his work and knew their representations. The office of Pepa Plana is pure naivete: “The clown is a born optimist, lives in the country of YES, anything is possible and never be discouraged. Is constantly looking for problems and solutions and each solution is a new problem (…) The greatest success is his failure. ” It can also be signs showing the way you want to change things, “there is a disobedience movement that uses tools clown to confront and disarm the police giving flowers, for example.”

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