Suite – La Mercè 2017 – Barcelona

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23/09/2017 - 25/09/2017

La Mercè 2017



A sweet, bizarre and special person with another way of thinking, as one of many other people. She lives in solitude in midst of the crowd. We do not know where does she come from, but we can say it is from far away. We do not know where she is going to, but we can say that there is no destiny. Any stop becomes her hotel room. She enters slowly and settles in the circle. She only wants us to see her, to be seen, to be loved.

Suite – Samedi 23, dimanche 24 et lundi 25 à 2:00 p.m. et 5:15 p.m.

Entrée gratuite – Castell de Montjuïc – Barcelona

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