A Streetcar Named Desire

This production by the Escena Nacional d’Andorra is an adaptation of the 1947 classic play by Tennessee Williams based on a revision of the character “Blanche”, that Pepa Plana interprets with all her experience and baggage of female clowning.

In a world of actors, this clown emerges with all her innocence, but with the conviction that the others are those going in the opposite direction. As the director of the production says: “she liberates us from psychoanalytical readings and the excessively restrictive interpretative clichés”.

It premiered at the Teatre Comunal of Andorra la Vella on the 14 and 15 of November 2008, followed by a season at the Sala Muntaner in Barcelona during January 2009.


Interpreters- Pepa Plana, Jorge Picó, Hans Richter, Irina Robles, David Verdaguer and Sergi Vallès
Musicians- LLuís Cartes, Pedro Cornago and Marc Prat
Ligthing – Lionel Spycher
Stage Manager – LLuc Castells
Costumes – Míriam Compte and Nídia Tusal
Characterization- Núria LLunell
Musical Director – LLuís Cartes
Executive Producer – Lola Davo
Production – Escena Nacional d’Andorra
Assistant director and council – Aina Tur
Director – Ester Nadal