Painted paradise

paradis pintat

Imagine we are standing on top of a buffet in the living room of a traditional home where we find some everyday objects, amongst which stands out a painting depicting four singing angels. It is a Painted Paradise. We’ve seen it many times before, but we had never realised that one of the angels is somehow different from the rest. To start with it is clearly a female angel, and she looks like wanting to fly away to become a guardian angel. So one day, when no one can see her, she takes the opportunity to leave the painting’s frame to try and make her dream happen. Her journey takes an unexpected turn, and she eventually ends up becoming the guardian angel of the deep seas. But, in fact, in that marvelous environment reality is not as wonderful as she imagined it. She soon finds that not even in the seabed of the deep seas there is peace. And what can a poor ‘devil’ guardian angel do? Perhaps she can only go back to her Painted Paradise … or perhaps not?


Clown - Pepa Plana
Original idea and script - Ferruccio Cainero/Pepa Plana
Direction - Ferruccio Cainero
Scenography - Lali Canosa
Video - Estudi Nueveojos
Costumes - Rosa Solé
Lighting - Yuri Plana
Atretzo - Oriol Blanchar
Voice-over - David Verdaguer
Photography - Roser Arques
Production - La Vaca Flaca
Acknowledgments - Carlo-Mô

What the press said:

Paraíso pintado
With Painted Paradise, Pepa Plana accompanies us in the comfort of laughter to end up submerging us in a moment of intense emotion, one of those that stirs up your innermost. There is a lot and good in this show: the incessant play on stage, the tender and subtle heartbeat of the clown, the gesture, the gaze, the urge to communicate. And there is so much she wants to tell us that words become unnecessary. Instead she offers us wings so we can fly and dream with her.
Joaquín Melguizo. Heraldo de Aragón, 13 de mayo 2016.

Paradís Pintat
Behind her red nose, and her soul, Pepa Plana achieves what she wishes for: the love of her audience. Laughing, crying or getting excited is the consequence of this appreciation. Right from the first minute the spectator has been caught up in the magic that the clown is able to project, who masters all the elements of the scene.
Toni Polo, Recomana.

Paradís Pintat
Committed, critical, rebellious, funny, heartbreaking and shocking. The new show of Pepa Plana is one not to be missed.
Marcel Barrera, Zirkòlika.

Paraíso Pintado
At the end of the show the audience paid tribute to the protagonist with a standing ovation who was thrilled on the stage of ‘Los Sitios’.
David Rodríguez, Salamanca al Dia.

Human and expressive
Human and expressive, Pepa Plana has a great capacity to empathize with the audience, making them laugh and move them.
Núria Cañamares. Recomana.

Is tender in her gesture
Pepa Plana is tender in her gesture, ingenuous in a situation but with such a strong character that leaves her mark. Her scenic narrative, beyond the funny and provocative gags, captures and shakes the spectator’s soul in a way that invites him or her to rebel, to take action.
Jordi Bordes, Recomana.

Paradís Pintat
Pepa Plana is a clown with a red nose that fills the scene without having to speak much so to capture the spectator’s senses. She turns the art of clowning into a cry of rebellion against the injustice and cynicism of established power towards the most disadvantaged.
Andreu Sotorra, Recomana.

Paradís Pintat
Free spirits like Pepa Plana, a wonderful clown capable of make people laugh while crying inside. And, with kindness, she offers a faint but unwavering possibility of hope. Keep searching. Always pursuing. Always free. The paradises lost through the eyes of an angelic clown.
Jonás Saiz. La Rioja