Paradox of the word, which means “a way out”, when there is none, and if there is any is so much uncertain as it is cruel and dramatic. Two male and a female clowns meet on this path of exodus to recreate the world and restore the joy of laughing at the smallest things, but also putting the nail on the head when matters bother us. The three forgotten misfits purposely tell us their story with the intention to remain in our memories.

‘Exodus’ is a journey of no return mirroring humanity’s flight since the early days of its existence, be it for religious or political reasons, enduring famine, or currently for climatic reasons too.

We, clowns and actors by profession – and of profound vocation – wish to delve into the complex situation many migrant people endure, which, for external reasons beyond their will, find themselves in a continuous flux. Fleeing amid despair in an unknown and uncertain journey, they invariably leave behind a life, and in the vast majority of cases a family and loved ones too, as well as their cultural and vital roots.


Interpreters - Pepa Plana, Joan Montanyès “Monti”, Joan Valentí “Nan”
Customes - Rosa Solé
Lighting - Jordi Llongueras
Sound space - Ramón Ciércoles
Stage - Taller Castells Planas
Attrezzo : Oriol Blanchar and Yuri Plana
Original idea and drama - Pepa Plana, Joan Montanyès “Monti”, Joan Valentí “Nan”
Executiva producer - Oriol Blanchar
Directors – Cia Pepa Monti & Nan and Marc Montserrat

Acknowledgements: Agnès Busquets, Manel Lucas, La Central del Circ, Teatre Sagarra de Santa Coloma de Gramanet