Pepa Plana’s official debut with the Cirque du Soleil was in Montreal on April 19th 2012 with the show ‘Amaluna’. Pepa welcomes the audience and then she performs in two acts: the first one tells the story of seduction and romance between two female clowns – one plays the role of a male and the other a female – and the second one is about the consequences of such seduction: the pregnancy, childbirth and a clown with lots and lots of children.
‘Amaluna’ is inspired by William Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest’, and this is the starting point. The plot is located on an island inhabited by females, where a celebration is taking place to mark Miranda’s passage into adulthood. However, a tempest arrives to the island, and with it, so do men. This is where the twist of the story begins, followed by a love story between Miranda and Romeo blended with different characters of Shakespeare.

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The press said:

The press:
There are only two clowns (the adorable Pepa Plana and her blustering suitor, Nathalie Claude), a mock-romantic duo. They do a wacky birthing number that turns into a lullaby hum-a-long, making sentimental fools of us all.
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The press:
There are no evil courtiers, just a comic manservant named Jeeves (Nathalie Claude) who shows up from a shipwreck, filling the island with hot young men. Of course, he has a female partner, the charming Deeda (Pepa Plana), who becomes the first clown in all of Cirque history that you want to hug, not hit, by the end of the evening.