Veus que no veus – Paraninf de la Universitat Jaume I – Castelló

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Paranimf de la Universitat Jaume I
Castelló de la Plana

Veus que no veus

‘Veus que no veus’ (You see that you don’t see) presents a female version of the so-called “classical entries”, the starting acts of a show or those that link different scenes. On the one hand, in the role of Auguste, there is Pepa Plana. On the other, Noël Olivé plays the role of Whiteface. How do these roles change, and what significance do they take when played by two female clowns instead of male ones? Pepa Plana’s Company has always claimed the figure of the female clown, and now she presents some of the most classic circus acts. Is it all about laughing? Yes, but not only that, it’s also about talking, playing and, perhaps, also biting.

Veus que no veus – January 25 at 8:00 p.m. – Paraninf de la Universitat Jaume I – Castelló

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