It was installed by Cirque du Soleil big top in the Old Port of Montreal

As of Wednesday afternoon stood in the Old Port of Montreal, the big blue and yellow tent that will host from April 19, the new show from Cirque du Soleil, Amaluna.

The ambitious operation, after several years it has become a tradition in the city, requires the participation of more than a hundred workers, giving an appearance of large construction site in the Quai Jacques-Cartier . The team came from inside, lift the tent impressive in the eyes of journalists (who had to use orange and yellow vests and cases as a measure of protection) and the applause of 52 artists who will Amaluna body soon.

“The installation of the tent is a very important event that marks the arrival of the circus in the city,” said James Reilly, director of Cirque du Soleil tour, considering that the event is a time all year grandiose.

“It’s a tradition worldwide. Today was more symbolic for us because there were many people, “the directive stated, adding that this year the team consists of 52 people of 20 nationalities.

It is still too early to reveal details Amaluna, but it was learned that at the beginning of April will be much more. Reilly did not hesitate to move it is a work of great quality.

In figures

  • The tent has a height of 19 meters and is supported by four columns of 25 meters each. It has a diameter of 51 m.
  • It has a capacity of more than 2,600 locations.
  • 60 trailers needed to move the structure from city to city.
  • The structure of the Old Port is the carp, a red carpet, box office, administrative offices, facilities for physiotherapy acrobats, kitchen and breakfast room.

Perr Redacción NM – Foto: Agencia QMI

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