Pepa Plana settled in Sant Jaume with his project to create a center

Pepa Plana has been established in Sant Jaume, where he plans to convert an old farm building into a center of

The goal is to make a farm, which has 2,400 square meters in area, a center of creation similar to that in the seventies working in Maine (USA), where do specialized courses mime, clown and theatrical improvisation, or the Celrà, Girona, driven by the dance company Mal Pas. Is open to theater and circus performances or preparing to undertake placements and organizes courses and workshops. The idea is to divide the farm into three sections, one for the company itself Pepa Plana, a main rehearsal space with a height of 5.5 meters and a third for accommodation of participants.

So far, we have equipped a part of the farm as a warehouse and now the company will proceed to change the urban classification. To do this, have the involvement of the City of St. James. The idea is that the project progresses and will resume in about two years, when I return Pepa Plana their tour with Cirque du Soleil.

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